Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thyme, Sage and Memories

Apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, sage, thyme and a variety of other spices and herbs blend with baking sweet potatoes, celery and onions. The scents waft through the house and out into the woods. Good food, home, fellowship, family; holiday preparations redolent with a sense of Thanksgivings past. I stop for a moment to think of the abundant blessings we experience each day.

Reflecting on these things brings me to the very special blessing of the serenity of our hillside retreat. This morning we went into a near by town to pick up groceries and supplies. There is still a small town feel, people are friendly, not a taxicab or limo in sight. There is parking along the street, no parking meters, even a flea market in a vacant field. It is great to have the bounty available in the supermarket and department store yet what a relief to return home to our woodland refuge after the “rush and hassle” of shopping.

The busy city is no longer part of my daily life. How easy it is to forget the dirt and smog saturated with the cacophony of thousands of people going about their daily tasks.
Instead of the clank and clunk of garbage trucks, squealing brakes and honking horns, I now awake to the whisper of the wind through the pines and the chatter of Blue jays, Crows and Canada Geese.

Aren’t animals that hibernate supposed to find their way into their dens when it gets cold? Icicles hang from the birdbath and coat the grasses but a small chipmunk is out gathering seeds until his cheeks are about to pop, racing away for a few minutes and then coming back for more.

We seldom see cars stopped along the highway but the flash of taillights through the trees caught my attention. Just at the bottom of our drive several cars stopped to watch another late forager searching for his last meal before heading for a long winter’s sleep.


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