Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow Hail Sleet Rain

Snow. Hail. Sleet. Rain. Sunshine. Wind --------
From minus two degrees yesterday to forty-two degrees today.
Ice took out power lines.
In this electronic age, we become greatly incapacitated when
we have no power.
First of all we awake in darkness.
Light switches are of no use --- no power.
We have fresh clear well water but --- no power --- no pump.
No pump --- no water.
No heat – because our furnace has an electrical starter as well as an electrical thermostat.
No power --- no hot water.
Now our morning routine is gone.
No alarm clock.
No morning news.
No hot breakfast – not even hot coffee, tea or chocolate and toast.
No computer.
Can’t even check to find out if the weather is going to improve.
No e-mail.
No hot showers.
No flush toilet.
----- No flush toilet?----
Our friend “Cabin Writer” at “Off the Grid” had offered sound advice about alternative toilet options, but, since we had no out-house --- we had not made appropriate preparations.
We can’t leave for warmer climes because the drive is now polished ice.
Water pours off the roof, drenching the poor birds trying to get some breakfast at the feeders. Streams of water are even running down the length of the icicles.

Shortly after the sun arrives, the clouds begin dissipating, cracks of blue sky appear. Ice clad trees shimmer in the sunlight while steam rises from nearly every surface touched by the sun.
The Power Comes Back On!


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