Monday, January 09, 2006

Photographic Light Box

For a number of years I have wanted a photographic light box but something has always seemed more important or urgent. Discovered a tabletop light tent that seems like it will at least help us take better indoor pictures of small things. Of course I only have a vague notion of how to use the light tent so that helped to keep it toward the bottom of the list. This week it moved to top and this morning Connie and I opened the box and set up the lights and the light tent. The first thing we discovered is that it arrived with more wrinkles than any of us will have if we live to be a hundred years old. I got out the steamer and took out many, many wrinkles. We then set up the lights, got out the tripod and set up the camera. In the first pictures we discovered there were more wrinkles that I hadn’t noticed. Also the first few pictures were very over exposed or harsh, the lights were too close. Connie is the one with the most courage for trying to master the art of using the lights and the light box. There are a lot of things to learn about this photo light box, then, whatever it is called. We started just placing a doll in the tent, turning on the lights and taking her picture --- well --- we could do better than this taking her outside on a slightly overcast day. We didn’t find a lot of information on using the light box on the internet --- surprise --- I thought we could learn just about anything here on the web.

Somewhere we read to put the dark cloth over the top, a very different effect, some improvement but no keepers yet. Next the lights were moved around again and then again. So we keep on working. Each experiment seems to be progress. Wonder how long it takes to learn how to get consistently good shots in this light tent.
Do you know where I can find some good basic information about taking photos using a light tent?


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