Friday, January 06, 2006

Political Statement

The crows began the morning
with a lengthy political statement.
Expostulating to a small black and white cat
who lays waiting
for an unwary junco
or goldfinch
to wander close enough for breakfast.
Tired of political rhetoric,
the juncos and goldfinch
go about their tasks
turning a deaf ear
to the voices loudly raised in protest and warning.

Perhaps we also have become overly familiar
with political rhetoric
and find our focus
on the urgent
and sometimes important
tasks of our day.
Rushing unheeding
mindlessly caught
in the demands of the moment.

We hear so many voices
ranting and raving,
raised in warning
or protest
or simply wanting to vent
and turn their anger loose on the world
that we can not separate the
important from
the jumble of confusing messages.


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