Thursday, January 12, 2006

Night Time Blossom

Night Time Blossom (Alone in the City)

City lights fill the night skies.
Planes fly overhead.
The dark night covers me.
I rest my weary body in my chair.

Protected in the shadow
of the dark night.
My soul is hiding
away from the light.

My mind focused inward,
Shadows surround me,
with darkness I’m filled
My heart finally peaceful
but empty and stilled.

Vines trailing around me
reach over my chair.
a leaf ever twining
is caught in my hair.

My cheek turns and beside me,
it brushes a leaf.
A tear trickles downward
welling up from my grief,

My eyes turn outward
and fragrant petals unfold.
A blossom is open
hope is restored.

Carolyn Morgan, © August 22, 1999

I began this poem in a time of great stress and was unable to complete it. Now I can look back at those days from the advantage of distance, which provides a tad of relief from the pain. From this distance I was able to finish this poem today.


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