Saturday, February 11, 2006

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Four wishes dreams and desires

  1. I want to move to a spot where I have lake, mountains, sunrise, sunset, birds, animals coming to my house each day and get paid for photographing and writing about them.
  2. To travel and take photos.
  3. To have more health and vitality.
  4. To live in a house that doesn’t need remodeling, a new driveway or… So I can simply enjoy the rest of my life.

Four Imaginary Lives

  1. Professional nature photographer.
  2. Watercolor artist.
  3. Have enough money to set up a writers and artist retreat (in that dream place)
  4. A published writer.

Four things I should change

  1. Get rid of STUFF (Surplus Things Useless to Frantic Folk) Why is it that when most of the time we have too much stuff and not enough money, we keep using our money to get more stuff?
  2. Find a way to live in an environmentally safe house.
  3. Walk more.
  4. Spend more time painting and writing.

Four people I admire

  1. Hillary Clinton – for her ability to keep going under cruel and unrealistic criticism and pressure.
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt – A woman who made a difference in spite of opposition, criticism and being given tasks that seemed impossible.
  3. Mary Guthrie – Prison camp, challenges, difficulty --- through them all she remained a caring gracious lady and a wonderful friend and mentor.
  4. My dad – for his intelligence, creativity, patience, kindness – he was a good friend and neighbor. He championed my creative self-worth.

Four things I like about The Artist Way

  1. Morning Pages. They help me clear my thinking and get on track.
  2. All the inspiring creative blogs.
  3. The encouragement of the AW members.
  4. New ideas that are generated as I work through some of the exercises.

Four things I still hope to get out of the Artist Way

  1. Continuing connection with creative people.
  2. Courage to send some of my material to a publisher.
  3. Inspiration.
  4. The ability to tap into creativity when I don’t necessarily feel inspired.


Blogger Kara said...

I like your list - thanks for the AW play. I would love to come to your artist writers' retreat. Actually, just coming here to your blog feels like a gentle retreat.

11:02 AM  

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