Monday, March 13, 2006

New Things

Trying new things is suppose to keep us young --- isn’t it?

Today was one of those times when I broke out of the mold and tried something new… I can’t say that it was dangerous our exciting, simply new to me.

As you may have noticed from my comments during the Artist’s Way reading deprivation week--when I ranted and raved about the idea of not being able to read for a week-- books and reading are a very valued and appreciated part of my life. I buy books, trade books, borrow books from the library. I buy new books and used books. If you ask me what kind of books are my favorite, it is nearly impossible to answer; my tastes are very eclectic. At any rate, it is hard to keep me in books -which makes the library a valuable part of my world. Not only the books but the wonderful people I have met there enrich my life.

To get on with my post…
When I got books from the library last time they gave me information about a program where I can download digital books from the library to my computer…

We have a great library system but for some reason I don’t seem to fit with the average local reader; often the books I want to read aren’t available at my branch. This new program will open new opportunities for me to have access to many of the books that I want to check out for a test run

The books have to be ordered through my local library system and then they are downloaded. For audio books, I download through a program called “Overdrive.” Even with a DSL internet connection it takes about an hour to download a book. I guess that isn’t too bad since there will be about fifteen hours of listening.

Have you tried any of the on-line book programs? How do you feel about them?


Blogger Pam in Tucson said...

This is most interesting. As a former librarian, aka information specialist, I've welcomed innovation in libraries as technology becomes more sophisticated and more available. Unfortunately, in most cases libraries lack funds to do this kind of thing. (Is there a charge for this, or is your library system footing the bill?) I've studied how patrons become adept in new ways of searching for and receiving information. I hope you enjoy your new resource :)

11:15 AM  
Blogger Endment said...

This is a program that is free to the patron.
You may be interested in our system which is designed specifically to resource small local libraries (we have a very small part time library one librarian and numerous volunteers and a yearly budget of $40,000
link to the system

1:23 PM  
Blogger LauraHinNJ said...

I tend to read somewhat oddball books, so this sounds interesting.

Having said that, I much prefer having a book in hand to listening to an audio book or reading an "e- book" on the internet. The reading experience is just not as enjoyable any other way.

BTW - I posted a list of favorite books and authors on my blog yesterday - thought it would be an *easy* post - took me about 2 hours to sort out my favorites. If you have a few hours to spare - have a look! ;-)

6:52 PM  

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