Friday, February 24, 2006

List Friday - Splendid Necessities for Travel

Checking favorite blogs today and discovered that I am not the only one thinking about travel and Vacation…. Sacred Ordinary and Pomegranates and Paper have lists of “Splendid Necessities for Travel” that provided the inspiration for the following list:

  • Canon cameras (lenses, tripod or monopod depending on location and space)

  • Laptop (with wireless)

  • Extra batteries, battery charger, perhaps adapter for differing electrical service, extension cord, small surge protector.

  • Moleskine Journal

  • Sketch box: which includes assorted drawing pencils, small scissors, ruler, x-acto knife, kneaded erasers and other useful things.

  • Watercolor pad

  • Travel box of watercolors

  • Comfortable backpack for essential field supplies

  • Memory foam pillow (space allowing)

  • Comfortable shoes!

  • Tylenol

  • An emergency sewing kit

  • One paperback book I have not yet read

  • One old favorite book that I can depend on for a good read

  • Clothing (varies with season and location)

  • Hat (to keep heat in or out…)

  • Personal care kit (I have kept this packed for so long I am not certain what it holds, but if I take anything out I am sure I will need it)

  • Almond Roca

  • A couple of body stash money holders (with travelers checks and cash)

  • Passport (if needed)

  • My imagination

  • A positive adventurous attitude

Hummmm --- now what else did I take out of the car when we unpacked this morning?


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