Friday, July 03, 2009

Oh Is it July?

June - Rain ..... July - Rain .... plants, trees, ground, birds all covered with raindrops.
Hummingbirds are here in full force - babies are beginning to leave their nests and come with their parents to the feeders and flowers. They haven't yet reached last summer's level of drinking four quarts of syrup a day but they are emptying two quarts a day already. As soon as I carry a feeder out the door the birds are humming over my head and drinking from the feeding cones before I can even get it properly hung on its hook.
Flowers are opening only to be drenched by the rain before evening falls. Many of the plants are actually standing in water. Yet they continue to share their beauty --- blooms such as this Beard-tongue Penstemon attract the humming birds and take my breath away.
Each morning and evening we have been visited by one of five bears, a lone yearling, a large male or a momma with her twin cubs. We hang our feeders on the side of the house to avoid encouraging their visits but we are on the trail that takes them from the river to the mountain top --- through the blueberries :)

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