Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Eastern Gray Squirrel


Blogger dinzie said...



7:31 PM  
Blogger silverlight said...

all we have here the Villages, are the skinny digger squirrels. But, they can be both noisy and entertaining.

3:54 AM  
Blogger Sky said...

we had our first douglas squirrel here last year - so beautiful with his apricot tummy.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

we've had a virtual explosion of gray squirrels here lately. I always enjoy seeing this phase, as ours are mostly black. Cute lil buggers :)

4:39 PM  
Blogger Purple Flowers said...

It is so very nice to see you back!

8:57 PM  
Blogger daringtowrite said...

What a cutie. I hope he/she keeps a careful eye up for those hungry eagles.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Claude said...

So cute!

7:22 AM  
Blogger Endment said...

dinzie — Thanks for visiting

silverlight — keep watching - hopefully I will be able to post some of their more entertaining efforts

Sky, Cindy, Daring to Write and Claude— at the moment we have Eastern Gray Squirrels, Melanistic Gray Squirrels, Eastern Red Squirrels and Flying Squirrels - all entertaining each in their own way. — some days they are cute but they are most enjoyable in small doses.

Purple Flowers — Thanks - I have been missing all of you.

7:24 PM  

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