Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Braving "The City"

Off to the city…. For someone who has been living in the country and only seeing the occasional stoplight this has been an adventure. I had forgotten about TRAFFIC!

Went straight into Manhattan – well we wouldn’t want to make things too easy would we? Even found a place to park… ha-ha! now that is the miracle of the day isn’t it?

One of the things on my agenda was to buy a camera. Had checked out reviews, the internet, friends and more reviews. I had decided to get a Nikon; the only question was which one. More reading made it seem clear to us that the place to pick up a camera was B & H photo-video

I walked in the door and was nearly speechless! The place is huge! It must be as big as a football field! There were at least a hundred people and I think that is only making a count of the staff. We talked to several consultants and assistants. The person wearing the Nikon logo was not particularly helpful --- perhaps he had a bad cup of coffee today. At any rate I felt his answers were abrupt and not really responsive. Less than a block away J was the Canon consultant who patiently answered question after question. When I went in the Canon had been my second choice but by the time I had asked all my questions (I thought) I came away with a Canon and enough bags to feel like I needed a line of porters to carry all my purchases.

This short description does not begin to detail the four and a half hours it took me to explore even a small part of the store!

My biggest disappointment was that the battery for the camera was not charged. I was glad to hear that it would only take ninety minutes but I could scarcely wait to begin using the camera. I know that it is going to be a lot different and it will take me awhile to get acquainted and learn how to use the new features. Even before I ever thought about a different camera there were so many things I had left to learn.

Everyone tells me that actually taking pictures is one of the best ways to learn --- so see ya later…


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