Thursday, January 26, 2006


It is interesting to walk the streets of Manhattan after several years’ absence. Perhaps the thing I notice most is the change of attire. There are still the easily identifiable cashmere topcoats and leather briefcases of the financial district men and women but the vast majority of people are wearing jeans (Ok, a lot of them are designer jeans) and down or leather jackets, carrying backpacks. I joined the backpack group and instead of taking a taxi took the subway or walked, enjoying the feel of the city. Bought a hat and a sandwich from street venders. Admired the sights and simply enjoyed a day wandering.

A special treat for myself today was a stop at Salon Ziba at 200 West 57th Street for a hair cut. I have been wearing my hair long and pulled back in a knot or ponytail for several years --- a real change from the short hairstyles I favored when I was working. I decided it was time for a change and gathering my courage I told Ernesto to have his way with my hair. Watching in the mirror, I was really impressed with the way he was cutting my hair. He is very skilled with a pair of scissors. When it was time to leave, I was not so happy with the way I looked. It seemed to me that there was more hair than there was me. I am certain it must be an in look but not for a country girl and I wasn’t very happy. Out on the street I actually considered getting someone else to cut off even more hair. However, the stiff wind blew my hair into a very different but comfortable style. My daughter reminded me that no one in the family likes the way I look when I come out of a salon --- it is only after a day or so that I begin to look like myself again. Now that I have gotten over the initial shock and my hair has had a chance to settle, I can say that Ernesto gives a fabulous haircut!

More new experiences: My daughter took me along to her acupuncture appointment at St. Vincent’s Hospital World Trade Center Healing Services. She has found a great deal of relief during the few months she has been getting the treatments. I had just planned to wait for her but there was space available so I took my skepticism along and had a treatment. I am no longer a skeptic. Much to my amazement, my neck pain and headache disappeared. Guess I will have to make some trips back to the City after all.
Oh yes, that hat I bought… It looks great with the new hairdo.


Blogger Ontario Wanderer said...

Just found your site due to your visit to Whorled Leaves. I really like the Titmouse photo of a few days ago!

Ah, New York. I've been meaning to go to the city for several years now. The last time I almost had tickets was just before 911. That kind of made me hesitate for a while. That plus Bush. I think I will wait until there is a new president before I venture into the states again. Anyway, I do want to go to New York to see the art museums. I've not been to Washington DC yet either for the Smithsonion. Someday in the not too distant future, I hope to make it to both places.

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