Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Autumn Visitor


Blogger KGMom said...

I have been checking and checking to see if you are back in the blogging world.
Frankly, I was worried.
But now you are back--hope you time "away" was full and productive.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Carolyn H said...

I'm glad you're back!!

Carolyn H.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Sandy said...

I see you have your "friend" back. I have lived in Maine for over 37 years, and have never seen a live bear.

So good to have you back!

6:13 PM  
Blogger NatureWoman said...

Hi Endment! So nice to see you back.

6:28 PM  
Blogger No Rain said...

Glad you are back. I've always enjoyed reading your posts.

9:54 PM  
Blogger maureen said...

like kgmom i also have been checking your blog, my friend. I am glad to see you posting again and I hope you are both well. thanks for commenting on my (recently sparse) blog to let me know you are back in the swing of things. hugs to you. --

12:00 AM  
Blogger Sky said...

wow, i just thought about you recently and decided tonight to check back to see if you had left us a note......welcome back!

love the pic. still hoping to see my own (first) black bear, but only from a distance - not up close and personal!

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Claude said...

Hello, visitor! And hello, Endment!

4:25 AM  
Blogger kerrdeLune (cate) said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy you have returned, am waving a mug of tea and doing a little dance here in celebration. I was worried too, kept dropping in and worrying and hoping you were all right.

Welcome back, dear one, so glad you have returned, and I love the photo.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Endment said...

I think I'm back - we will see what my computer and the internet think about it :)

carolyn h

my "friend" has been visiting regularly lately. I got a chance to take well over a hundred photos of him.

naturewoman, no rain,
thanks for awhile I thought these computer software conflicts had me completely out of circulation - we will see if the tech people have the proplems licked

thanks for your encouragement I have really missed being able to comment on your blog

thanks for visiting and for commenting - I keep visiting your blog also and hoping you will return to blogging.

Hi - so good to be in touch again!

thank you - remember please you have a standing invitation to a cup of tea and I will be happy to dance together through the autumn leaves

10:23 PM  
Blogger pepektheassassin said...


7:42 PM  
Blogger Wenda said...

And it looks like you just might be sticking around for a while? Welcome back.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Nice shot of the bear, I too have the same kind of visitors from time to time!! Also love the squirrel shot in earlier post, and the lovely rainbow!! I love your site, and photo's, may I add your link to my fav.'s..?

10:17 PM  

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